These are my words, they are mine to speak, mine to share, and mine to live.
You may share them if you so desire, just remember that words are our most powerful weapons.
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They told me I could calculate my life by the number 15 and figure everything outBut a few thousand preconceived notions in, I forgot to carry the oneSo now I’m stuck wondering to myselfWhy 15? Why this conception? Why the notion?They told me everyone could calculate happiness by a certain numberAnd a few thousand in, I realized that everyone is not, in fact, allBy forgetting to carry that one, I became self awareI am not everyone and 15 doesn’t work for me
So I think I’ll start overThis time with threeYeah, I like that number…Three…And guess what, if I don’t like it, I start over againEveryone is not allNot everyone is me…